1.10.0 released

Posted on Sep 25, 2020

Jonas Kalderstam (5):

  • [3a3d3689] Added preference for battery optimization
  • [0d17d374] Fixed custom tab not showing as default option for opening links
  • [c8b57882] Added option to preload links in custom tab

Khar Khamal (1):

  • [0fdac915] Update Spanish strings.xml for Custom Tab

Sudeep Duggal (1):

  • [2c211b53] Feeder now opts out of sending usage metrics of WebView to Google

Tomáš Tihlařík (1):

  • [1709c2fd] Update Czech strings.xml for Custom Tab & Battery options

emersion (1):

  • [e0a9d261] Added support for custom tabs

linsui (1):

  • [751f8665] Update Simplified Chinese translation

zmni (2):

  • [8be9508a] Update Indonesian translation
  • [8bc4f4e6] Update Indonesian translation