1.3.13 released

Posted on Oct 29, 2017
  • Add new feed now finds feed links in web pages

    Makes it possible to input a url to a site, such as cowboyprogrammer.org, when adding a new feed.

    Previously, the direct address to the RSS/Atom feed was required (cowboyprogrammer.org/atom.xml). This was not ideal because

    • not all sites advertise a link to their feeds

    • the location of the feed is not standardized so it’s not easily guessable

    • viewing the source of a web site to find the alternate link is very hard to do on mobile

    Now, the site you enter is parsed and if it contains alternate links to feeds, one of those links are loaded parsed instead. Currently RSS and Atom feeds are identified and Atom is preferred over RSS.

    See !60

  • Target Android 26
    See !60