1.8.5 released

Posted on Jan 16, 2019
  • Fixed parsing of feeds without unique guids or links (NixOS) See !162
  • Changed so feed search finds alternate links in body of documents See !162
  • Fixed feed results not showing error message on second search See !162
  • Feeder can now be used to open links, not just accept shared ones See !161 #174
  • Fixed notifications so that all actions will mark item as read also See !160
  • Fixed app losing state if in reader and switching to another app and back again See !159
  • Fixed action bar overlaying web view See !157 #173
  • Fixed custom feed titles not being displayed See !154 #168 #167
  • Updated Simplified Chinese Translation Thanks to linsui See !153
  • Fixed feeds with no link not working See !150 #165
  • Fixed some parsing errors on feeds with slash-comments See #166