1.9.6 released

Posted on Jul 6, 2020

Jonas Kalderstam (2):

  • [47bc0a5c] Fixed possible crash in case you pressed two feed items at once

Khar Khamal (2):

  • [8aa6649e] Updated Spanish translation
  • [2b9180c3] Updated Spanish translation

Ramzan Sheikh (5):

  • [fd7570e7] Modified FeedItemsViewModel to use LiveData for sorting preference
  • [d130f0d0] Added reverse sort option to settings menu
  • [cf70edfe] Added sorting option utilities to PrefUtils.kt
  • [61128e4f] Modified FeedItemDao and FeedItemsViewModel to allow listing feeds in reverse order
  • [6f002883] Fixed current feed order not changing when sorting setting changed

linsui (1):

  • [f9fdb071] Updated Simplified Chinese translation

zmni (1):

  • [4b67ce48] Updated Indonesian translation