2.0.1 released

Posted on Oct 11, 2021

Felipe Alvarez (7):

  • [656a276a] Added new dark theme

Jonas Kalderstam (16):

  • [204f854d] Fixed some reported crashes
  • [7324a25c] Fixed possible crashes in semantics
  • [3d21a700] Fixed possible crash reported in play store
  • [81b81aa1] Fixed tags with certain characters not working correctly
  • [63fa3b54] Added a search button to the search screen
  • [c896bba0] Fixed handling of ids in RSS feeds where guid is not unique
  • [8b860ae9] Added share action to long press menu in FeedScreen
  • [c95053ef] Updated swedish translation

Nuno Araújo (1):

  • [d4a8d9ff] Updated Portuguese (Portugal) translation using Weblate


  • [e688797f] Updated Greek translation using Weblate

VfBFan (1):

  • [25966dc2] Updated German translation using Weblate

zmni (1):

  • [18fcb357] Updated Indonesian translation using Weblate