2.0.6 released

Posted on Nov 13, 2021

I. Musthafa (1):

  • [f4801944] Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)

Jonas Kalderstam (10):

  • [60416443] Fixed scroll in Feed being cleared when going back from Reader
  • [bf7de231] Fixed translucent navigation bar on Android 23-26
  • [de683726] Fixed reconfiguration of sync when changing sync settings
  • [5af7f79b] Stopped requiring high battery for sync
  • [e7a2f364] Added code to ensure sync is configured on app start
  • [be5d7540] Improved support for background restrictions in Android 12
  • [4193fd74] Improved reliability of notifications
  • [5014172b] Fixed a possible collision with article IDs

Nikita Epifanov (1):

  • [0881dc4a] Updated Russian translation using Weblate

Simona Iacob (1):

  • [289553fa] Updated Romanian translation using Weblate

VfBFan (1):

  • [5b073871] Updated German translation using Weblate