2.2.0 released

Posted on May 30, 2022

Ady (6):

  • [6f4bcab2] Update schema to add bookmarked status
  • [0ab5b1bb] Toggle bookmarks
  • [a90b04ce] Allow to filter lists per bookmarks
  • [2ad907ef] Align bookmark icon to the right
  • [a610cfab] Remove unnecessary code for bookmark’s alignement
  • [132ced2a] Handle bookmarks sorting by date, feed and tag

Jonas Kalderstam (4):

  • [b8b414a6] Fixed DB test 21->22
  • [6e79da27] Added DB migration test 22->23
  • [3ffe84f1] Removed Galician language when deploying to play store; not supported by Google
  • [fba8c0db] Removed Galician from App; not supported by Android

Simone Dotto (1):

  • [35eac7c8] Updated Italian translation using Weblate

antonpaidoslalin (1):

  • [356d1c26] Translated using Weblate (Galician)