2.3.0 released

Posted on Aug 31, 2022
  • Upgraded to follow Material3 guidelines including dynamic colors
  • Big improvements to TTS with the help of Kevin Jiang
  • App is now tablet friendly on all screens

Kevin Jiang (7):

  • [65eb5d73] feat(settings): added detect language to settings
  • [0444b16a] feat(readaloud): detect language of the article for readaloud
  • [7295d5c7] test: test newly added detect language setting
  • [a4a3f843] Use separate description if language detect feature is not available
  • [45a63db4] Minor formatting change
  • [c047a0dd] Fix typo
  • [b8b73ab1] Updating test

Agnieszka C (2):

  • [0ec50961] Updated Polish translation using Weblate

Andrij Mizyk (2):

  • [464661bf] Updated Ukrainian translation using Weblate

D221 (1):

  • [13777023] Updated Lithuanian translation using Weblate


  • [8d2291d2] Updated Danish translation using Weblate

El Pirujo (3):

  • [addd743a] Updated Spanish translation using Weblate

Eric (2):

  • [ca0895a4] Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation using Weblate

J. Lavoie (1):

  • [7dbc8c85] Updated French translation using Weblate

Meiru (1):

  • [f6c5e8e7] Updated Japanese translation using Weblate

Oğuz Ersen (2):

  • [fd60a78e] Updated Turkish translation using Weblate

Simona Iacob (1):

  • [a664e174] Translated using Weblate (Romanian)

Tadeáš Erban (1):

  • [ace40142] Updated Czech translation using Weblate

VfBFan (2):

  • [1105f0da] Updated German translation using Weblate

atilluF (4):

  • [37e9840b] Translated using Weblate (Italian)

bruh (1):

  • [2a89025b] Updated Vietnamese translation using Weblate

zmni (1):

  • [991fce3e] Updated Indonesian translation using Weblate

Егор Ермаков (1):

  • [4f4d9a4c] Updated Russian translation using Weblate

Jonas Kalderstam (74):

  • [bb2f8226] Fixed all restartable but not skippable functions
  • [517efd70] Fixed some code formatting
  • [d2828981] Modified strings to be shorter
  • [fca6176f] Changed detect language settings to default to true
  • [942c3dd0] Created new read aloud settings group
  • [b892765e] Made detectLanguage slightly more robust for TTS failures
  • [bc36a663] Bumped some dependencies
  • [a442e159] Upgraded Android Gradle Plugin and such
  • [c343a4b7] Builds tools version doesn’t need to be specified anymore
  • [28022f25] Bump rome version
  • [360b1d12] Fixed deprecation warnings and api changes
  • [eff41771] Removed accompanist insets - no longer needed
  • [e7c9af4f] Implemented runtime permission for notifications
  • [25d649fe] Some test fixes
  • [0677cf1c] Fixed regression in edit feed view
  • [5ab974b7] Removed all uses of live data since it seems buggy
  • [f49cf9c6] Bumped rome version
  • [361617d5] Theme
  • [ada5c099] Upgraded to Material3 - seems to work even
  • [9860a501] Implemented dynamic color scheme
  • [a10b77e1] Theme respects black again
  • [aaee2b64] Fixed color of status bar and padding
  • [5799cc1a] More sensible size
  • [f07a65a3] Fixed nav bar coloring on all versions
  • [7dbf7f26] Handle navigation bar padding in horizontal
  • [8598f2cd] Try giving foldables more usable space
  • [a9392955] NavBar button becomes toggleable now on tablets
  • [497c387c] Fixed more menu icons
  • [5a7c7850] More foldable use
  • [7aba6892] Forgot an activity
  • [ef0958d1] Pre split
  • [b3067123] Edit feed is dual now
  • [9f9dc5e1] Search feed is dual now
  • [8c7e8dee] Fixed color of cards and spec says image should be rounded
  • [1a0f6c93] Fixed link color to something more pleasing
  • [89f7cdf2] Updated indicators on feed items
  • [92339e7d] Removed unused overload and fixed FeedListScrollbehavior
  • [3ee4296f] Some animated navigation
  • [3f875378] Fixed animated transitions in sync screens
  • [73b71df2] Fixed scroll behavior for sync screens
  • [d1d4761b] Fixed a bug in animation
  • [75fe24b0] All screens animated and bottom bar fixed
  • [12c1468e] Fixed lint check
  • [5b87b130] Fixed bottom bar padding for navigation bar
  • [6000b1f6] Fix text lines in app bar
  • [365e902c] Fixed actions in top app bar to follow guidelines number
  • [feed23d4] Fixed incorrect default value in edit feed screen
  • [9b489168] Removed buggy sync indicators in navigation drawer
  • [489f3bde] Updated fastlane metadata with new screenshots
  • [4ad56535] Fixed color of indicator
  • [a6419890] Changed to canonical text to speech icon
  • [bbf0104b] Cleaned up custom icons
  • [2adfbac7] Changed to original done all icon for FAB
  • [af4a2dd1] Adjusted middle margin on tablets
  • [405d680b] Updated to official URL annotation
  • [a81a1b3c] Text given to TTS engine now has annotations
  • [433a8bb1] Fixed device list screen not showing devices
  • [87a068a5] Added a skip next button for TTS
  • [4b461392] TTS now detect language for each paragraph
  • [25449bb3] Moved stop icon to start
  • [85d7ddf3] Added ability to force Locale on TTS
  • [2458d2f5] Respect user locale order if set
  • [2ecad20d] Revert “Updated to official URL annotation”
  • [61486f13] Changed FAB to scaleIn animation as per guidelines
  • [fb431fa2] Added string for Text to speech
  • [2e67ac5b] Ignore RT tags in Ruby tags for now
  • [9a391a1b] Improved handling of RTL text
  • [2666f294] Improved RTL support in title bar
  • [1f0e2da9] Translated using Weblate (Swedish)
  • [8ae209c3] Further RTL improvements - now don’t strip ZWNJ chars
  • [5a9ab235] Split pipeline so timeout is not hit
  • [e6b9aba6] Updated screenshots in README
  • [af05221c] Fixed pipeline deps
  • [38401846] Moved Mark All As Read to top of the menu