2.3.2 released

Posted on Sep 18, 2022

Allan Nordhøy (1):

  • [9c947b4c] Updated Norwegian Bokmål translation using Weblate

Andrij Mizyk (1):

  • [e50de95c] Updated Ukrainian translation using Weblate


  • [6162c9e7] Translated using Weblate (Danish)

Jonas Kalderstam (14):

  • [4ee8790e] Fixed padding in tag list
  • [8cce8c0d] Fixed images rendering too large causing crashes
  • [c660a688] Added fallback to feed icon in compact views
  • [2b91e13f] Added blacklist for twitter icon as article icon
  • [d4817632] Added dividers in list for compact and superCompact styles
  • [605f9be2] Fixed so list stays at top when updating if already at top
  • [a7b032a1] Added padding in list so FAB doesn’t cover last article
  • [54a1168f] Adjusted TopAppBar scroll behavior
  • [3613b758] Fixed syncclient re-initializing unnecessarily
  • [a20f65e6] Fixed reliability of read status sync
  • [5a45015d] Fixed image size in Compact item layouts
  • [7ba2253b] Fixed HTML not getting stripped from alt texts
  • [738495a2] Increased text size of block quotes in reader view
  • [925824de] Upgraded dependency versions and insets handling

Meiru (1):

  • [383bd23c] Updated Japanese translation using Weblate

MkQtS (1):

  • [1d6ea396] Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation using Weblate

Vitor Henrique (1):

  • [863c8327] Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translation using Weblate

WB (1):

  • [257dfed6] Translated using Weblate (Galician)

kak mi (1):

  • [89cb8b85] Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation using Weblate

Егор Ермаков (1):

  • [11505e3b] Updated Russian translation using Weblate