2.4.13 released

Posted on Apr 12, 2023

Hotarun (1):

  • [a25e1cbb] Updated Russian translation using Weblate

Jonas Kalderstam (9):

  • [9f8dd7e4] Updated versions and enabled gradle configuration cache
  • [34843b8e] Syncing will now scroll list to top so new items are immediately visible
  • [3016f72c] Fixed send bug report to open email client instead of GitLab
  • [10c661ad] Added check for notification permission before trying to notify
  • [d58e2955] Improved build performance
  • [bca3f845] Fixed screen getting offset when increasing display size on device
  • [cf81e5e5] Fixed so release script can generate config locales
  • [2854679f] Tweaked release script