2.4.15 released

Posted on May 21, 2023

Jonas Kalderstam (15):

  • [6838e46a] Updated versions
  • [8cd2453a] Changed to official upsert
  • [aa4c7362] Changed to new and safer flow collection with lifecycle awareness
  • [233afed4] Updated so text should appear more balanced with line breaks and hyphenation
  • [5077ad25] Added tooltips to all icon buttons on long-press
  • [4c7ab111] Changed so zeros aren’t shown in nav drawer
  • [ab30b452] Changed so New-indicator is only shown if read items would be shown
  • [48c8b1e0] Changed so pressing Back will close the nav drawer if it is open
  • [792bdd93] Changed placeholder images to be easier on the eyes
  • [3c83228e] Fixed too many image captions when image was wrapped in figure
  • [586d6735] Changed so image captions are not included in TextToSpeech
  • [6c4f6f14] Improved article layout with spacing and image captions
  • [5fd8c853] Improved table rendering in article view
  • [e23ecb47] Improved reader screen performance
  • [6bf00a09] Fixed display of nested figures in reader