2.4.17 released

Posted on Jun 10, 2023

Jonas Kalderstam (10):

  • [71835f81] Fixed possible crash during article parsing
  • [36f08f92] Fixed charset detection for sites not using UTF-8
  • [4b2c4bd3] Fixed lineheight not scaling with text size
  • [f3d1b0f5] Improved keyboard navigation through the app
  • [dbd9af16] Added suitable dimensions for TVs
  • [b7501f87] Changed how number of columns in grid layout is calculated
  • [032b77ae] Added some special UI handling for Foldable devices
  • [c0578304] Adjusted width of reader on large screens
  • [967797dd] Fixed some code deprecations and such
  • [7103a0fc] Temporarily disabled mark as read on scroll in Grid because it just doesn’t work well enough

Patrik Daniel (1):

  • [bbd66edc] Updated Finnish translation using Weblate

S3aBreeze (1):

  • [ea412aa2] Updated Russian translation using Weblate

mm4c (1):

  • [16ce2cb1] Updated Dutch translation using Weblate