2.6.2 released

Posted on Sep 10, 2023

Axus Wizix (1):

  • [ec5281aa] Updated Russian translation using Weblate

Jonas Kalderstam (6):

  • [1195f0cc] Changed so sync uses only a single CPU-core
  • [49a7f653] Improved some error handling
  • [ce759df2] Fixed crash in edit feed text related to focus
  • [91c0627e] Made the OPML importer tolerant of ill-formed XML (bad files)
  • [272a898f] Fixed text in list possibly getting out of date with data
  • [10d071e3] Added support for more types of feed icons

YGXB_net (1):

  • [1824a3cf] Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation using Weblate