2.6.9 released

Posted on Nov 18, 2023

Jonas Kalderstam (11):

  • [2bdade90] Fixed crash when table had no columns
  • [03924c15] Fixed crash when trying to TTS play a missing file
  • [cda338b7] Fixed another crash in table rendering
  • [ccabb499] Fixed crash if trying to notify for too many items
  • [f1a3a237] Changed so image enclosures are shown in the Reader
  • [015f0766] Fixed so list items are not immediately given newlines if followed by paragraph
  • [020c31e7] Moved all dependencies into bundles
  • [ce8461c1] Changed to ksp and upped kotlin and compose compile
  • [042daa3a] Bumped android plugin version
  • [0bcea035] Bumped bunch of versions
  • [89775af8] Removed bad language

Kazushi Hayama (1):

  • [b5f4ca49] Updated Japanese translation using Weblate

Vitor Henrique (1):

  • [28063c3d] Translated using Weblate (Portuguese)